Organized Retail - Changing Face of lucknow property

Organized Retail - Changing Face of lucknow property

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Lucknow real property has seen a tremendous growth in commercial retail properties in the last few years. There is no longer a time when high-end shopping malls and organized retailing were the norm in major cities only. Today , most shopping malls are targeted toward emerging real estate development centers.

Retailing organized brought order to Lucknow by Sahara Ganj. Sahara launched their huge retail store in Lucknow the year 2005. Sahara Ganj, that boasts of 425,000 Sq Ft of covered space in a centrally air-conditioned, became an instant hit among the general public and the retailers of Lucknow.

In addition, business centers like Yayaganj, Aminabad, Kapoorthala, Janpath, Chowk and Hazratganj have more than a dozen shopping centers.

The establishment of malls like these in the city changed Lucknow Properties in a great manner. People became enthralled by the style and quality and started searching for homes that would show their way of life. In the following years, residences in Lucknow were also upgraded in terms of quality and demand.

Suburban development in Lucknow

Suburban regions are fast becoming the centers of real estate developments in Lucknow. According to the sources, Gomti Nagar is coming to be one of the top places to shop in the city.

In addition, Gomti Nagar is a good example of the way a residential real estate settlement can be transformed in to an IT center. It is notable that the area was originally conceived to be a residential area . It is now widely known as being the IT and ITES center in the metropolitan area.

Gomti Nagar is also the director of the retail industry in Lucknow. The first mall was referred to Eastern Mall, was opened. Eastern Mall, was thrown in the market a few years in the past. The mall spans around 2.5 lakh square feet. The citizens of Lucknow saw all the major international majors and brands with the Eastern Mall. A second mall called Fun Republic Mall, was launched within Gomti Nagar.

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